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Heavy Vehicle Engineers GROUP

Who are we?
The Heavy Vehicle Engineers Group (HVE) is a Technical Interest Group (TIG) of The Institution of Professional Engineers of New Zealand (Engineering New Zealand).

Our members are involved in the design, specification and certification of new heavy motor vehicles, and modifications and repairs to heavy motor vehicles.

The HVE Group is a learned forum for our members to support and mentor each other, share and discuss information, lobby for changes in legislation and to work with the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA), and keep them informed of trends and issues within the industry

When will you need to call on the services of a Heavy Vehicle Certifying Engineer?
Heavy vehicles, including trucks, larger trailers, motor homes and buses, legally require inspection and a Certificate of Fitness (CoF) every six months to ensure the vehicle meets required safety standards (See NZTA to find the standards that apply to your vehicle).

Inspections for Certificates of Fitness for heavy vehicles are conducted at NZTA approved testing stations such as the Automobile Association  (AA), Vehicle Inspection New Zealand (VINZ) or Vehicle Testing New Zealand (VTNZ). If, as a result of an inspection you need to have some repairs or alterations done, or the testing agent requires certification for some aspect of the vehicle, or you are planning on designing a new component or modifying your vehicle in some way, you need to contact a Heavy Vehicle Certifying Engineer

NB: Most light vehicles require Warrants of Fitness (WoF) every six months. If your vehicle requires a WoF and you need to have some repairs or alterations done, or the testing agent requires certification for some aspect of the vehicle, you need to contact a Light Vehicle Certifier.
Modifications are certified by a Low Volume Vehicle Certifier (LVV)
Repairs are certified by a Light Motor Vehicle Repair Certifier

How do I use this website?
This site contains information about Heavy Vehicle Certifying Engineers which will help you find the right person to help you complete your work on your heavy vehicle and/or your Certificate of Fitness. The page Heavy Vehicle Certification contains more detailed information about the process of Heavy Vehicle Certification and Certification Category Details to help you follow the right procedure. The Members area of the site provides Heavy Vehicle Certifying Engineers access to information, communication, collegial support and opportunities to work together and present a unified voice for the betterment of the Heavy Vehicle industry of New Zealand

Click the link to go to:
Heavy Vehicle Certification: A more detailed description of the Certification Process and Certification Categories

Membership: Details on how to become a member of the HVE and an application form download link can be found on this page. If you are a Certifying Engineer who is not a member of our group and are interested in joining, please use this page or contact us for further information

Upcoming Events: This page gives details of any scheduled HVE (specific) events (e.g. HVE Conference, AGM, Training Courses etc…)

Members List: This page details the Names, Approved Certification Categories and Contact Details of ALL of the New Zealand Transport Agency approved Heavy Vehicle Certifying Engineers who are members of the HVE

Certifier Search: This page searches the HVE Member List for Heavy Vehicle Certifying Engineers who are approved for the appropriate Certification Category that applies to the Vehicle Component that you specify in the Vehicle Component selection bar AND have their Office in the Engineering New Zealand Branch selected in the Region selection bar

  • If you would like to find a Heavy Vehicle Certifier in your area, you can search by Region
  • If you know what part of your vehicle needs to be certified, you can search by Vehicle Component

Contact Us: This page gives the Names and Contact Details of the HVE Chair, Committee Members, Executive Officer and Secretary of the HVE. If you have any queries regarding the HVE, please contact the Secretary, or secondly the Chair